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Cpl. Charles, Chuck, Leader
by John J. Brusca, Major USMC Retired John J. Brusca, Major USMC Retired (no login)

Your WEB site and all related information is in keeping with the great epic sacrifices made by so many Marines at Iwo Jima as well as all the other Islands including Okinawa.

The subject title Marine was the corporal standing behind the Marine on guard with his watchful eye and his Automatic Carbine.

Coporal Leader lives in South Bend Indiana, and is a retired Proffessor who served Nortre Dame as he served the United States Marine Corps.

Corporal Charles, Chuck, Leader was wounded and lost a kidney days later from his picture being taken at the original flag raising. He recently wrote an article of his horrendous experiences on the Island and it was published in the Notre Dame Quarterly magazine.

When Chuck was wounded he lost a Kidney and the bullet ricocheted into the right arm of a PFC John Connally who latter had a wound in his same right arm that was the result of a ricocheted from a bullet that left President Kenedy and went into Governor Connally's same right arm.

My phone number is 209-577-6255 if you would like to follow up on another original flag raiseing survivor.
Thanks for adding Coporal Leaders name to your honored Marines.

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