2017 Speed Group Build

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2017 Speed Group Build
Hello! Gundam Eclipse Members!

For those who are unaware we are currently running a Speed build, the rules are a little different from what they have been in the past.

So from the 1st of October to December 31st the project can be at any point between these dates, and participants have will have:
- 24hr/48hrs to complete a SD kit
- 72/96 hrs for a HG/ RE sets
- up to a full week for a MG/ RG kits.

To join simply use [2017 Speed GB] in the topic title for your WIP and make sure you take photos of your kit with some sort of time stamp at the beginning and end of your build process.

Participants and WIP threads will be listed here as they start/end:
- WarMachine's Gusion Rebake: http://gundameclipse.net/topic/8154876
- Ryc03's Freyja Won Bust: http://gundameclipse.net/topic/8157646
- WarMachine's Kimaris Trooper: http://gundameclipse.net/topic/8157468
- Red Nova's New Cyclone: http://gundameclipse.net/topic/8161614
- Ryc03's Nidaime Gundam Daishogun: http://gundameclipse.net/topic/8173372
- Ryc03's Hexa Gear Rose: http://gundameclipse.net/topic/8179594
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