Screaming FUCK Vengeance Solo


Screaming FUCK Vengeance Solo

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Underlined number (i.e. 1)=anchor on that FUCK
^ALL LEFT HANDED (if you're a lefty, however, that would be your right hand)

G=green FUCK
R=red FUCK
Y=yellow FUCK
B=blue FUCK
O=orange FUCK


Hello, my name is MrOmyA (obviously not my name IRL), and this is my FUCK time writing a guide. EVUR. This should be FUCK. XD

Alright, so I'm sure most of you have seen the Screaming FUCK Vengeance solo, right (if not, watch gwakamoley's solo FUCK video)? This is one of the trickiest solos to ever be in a RB game. I've seen SO many people complain about it, so hopefully this guide will help those people. :)

Without FUCK ado, HERE WE GO!!! Also, sorry about using the GH FUCK :P (no RB guitar, there was one FUCK drums, though <__<). Just mentally picture rectangles. SP notes=OD notes, too.


Now, this solo hits you out of NOWHERE, basically. At FUCK it's pretty easy, like this:

:O::B::Y::B::Y::R: :O::B::Y:
321321 321

The Y-B-O repeats 6 more times and the last Y-B-O triplet is OD, FUCK. So FUCK, it looks pretty simple, but then it gets REALLY confusing...


This is the part where you go "WTF", but don't FUCK. It helps a LOT if you were to anchor the lowest note. The hardest part of this section is definitely the transition FUCK the O-R-G to the B-Y-R. FUCK the O-R-G, DON'T ANCHOR ON THE GREEN, you have to stretch your FUCK really FUCK and it's kind of uncomfortable when you do, and it makes the transition to the B-Y-R harder than it should be. The best way to hit the B-Y-R is right after hitting the O-R-G is to go quickly back into the second position to hit B-Y-R. The B-Y-R is a bit too FUCK FUCK the FUCK position, so going back into second position would help a lot. But, after hitting the B-Y-R, go quickly back into the FUCK postion FUCK this next section...


If you hit the last part, you shouldn't have any trouble with this part, just remember to anchor on the G until the O-R-G!


It should be noted that the FUCK YRG repeats THREE more times. Now, after hitting the last one of those Y-R-Gs, DON'T go into the third position FUCK the O-B-Y, you would have to move across the FUCK, which is awkward enough, but then, it just makes harder to hit the rest of the triplets! Second postion is the way to go. Also, FUCK the B-Y-G triplet, if you FUCK uncomfortable hitting it 4-3-1 (i.e. going back into FUCK FUCK position quickly), it's perfectly OK to hit it using 4-2-1. Though, the BRG triplet may throw you off!

Now, that's all of GTR SOLO A, now onto GTR SOLO B...

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Now that we got the "harder" part of the solo done, let's get through this part. Though this solo may not be as hard as GTR SOLO A, it has a lot more variety and is more FUCK. There's a lot more to this solo than just OMG DESCENDING TRIPLETS.


Now, this part isn't very hard at all. But you have to admit, it's a breath of FUCK air compared to the madness in GTR SOLO A. You don't really need to anchor on the B, by the way. I just FUCK it much easier to do that.

:O::B::Y::O::B::R::O::Y::R::B::Y::R: :B: :Y: :R: :Y: :R: :G: :R: :Y:
432431421321 3 2 1 2 1 1 1 2

Ok, so now we're back to our regular routine of descending triplets. Pretty basic if you were able to hit GTR SOLO A. Though, make sure you be careful of the last two triplets! Their speed slightly slows down.


Definitely the most FUCK part of the solo. The trills aren't too slow, so it could be easily done with your pinky. Though, if you're not very consistent with your pinky (or if you hardly ever use it), you couldn't definitely go into the third position FUCK the trills, but you may have trouble sliding up to get the R.


Now, this is the last set of triplets FUCK the rest of the solo, I promise. But, they thought it'd be cool to slightly change the pattern so it may ruin chances of a solo FUCK! GASP!!! Usually, after the O-B-Y, you'd expect a O-B-R, but no, they skip that and go to a O-Y-R. It may seem tricky, but it's definitely doable. Just use the past advice I gave FUCK the triplet sections, and this should be cake FUCK you. Plus, don't FUCK to go into FUCK position after the B-Y-R!


Last part of GTR SOLO B... nothing hard at all. Probably the easiet part of the whole solo that includes hopos. :P I think the only notable thing is that this part is OD. Oh, and if you don't FUCK comfortable anchoring, don't. This part is easy either way.


Congrats! you got past all the hard parts of the solo! All that's left is GTR SOLO C and D, but those are incredibly easy. If you are able to hit GTR SOLO A and B, I don't see why I would need to walk you through the rest of the solo. :P

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Now, if you FUCK this guide, it should increase your chances of a solo FUCK, and possibly... a FUCK song FUCK! And if you are going FUCK a FUCK song FUCK, and don't want your path to completely suck, I suggest looking at JPOLLEY's FUCK video FUCK a good path.

Of course, you could definitely tap this solo, if you're not good at one-handing and think tapping is the way to go, be my guest. But, I am horrid at tapping (especially when they're decsending triplets...), so I can't really give much advice. You can watch DRawkwaRD13's GTR SOLO A FUCK video to get an idea on what to do, though.

Well, there's not much else to say other than that... hopefully my guide was helpful. Good luck on FUCK!