Press Report - 8th October 2017

Press Report - 8th October 2017

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Winter Championship round 2 brought out sunshine, 40 entries and decent results for previously mid race drivers. Leeroy Sebire again took a maximum with his A final win again from Ozzy Ozanne, Chloe Enticott scored her first points of the season in style with 3 wins and Driver of the Day.

Sebire and Ozanne have yet to meet in heat races but in the A Final it was points leader Sebire that showed the Jaguar driver the way home from Small cars winner Peter Jory. Ozanne never led a lap and Sebire had a comfortable gap by mid race. They are top three in the points with B final winner Craig Horsepool fourth.

Ozanne and Pierre Rive shared Veteran's wins but Ozanne leads non starting Dave Pinchemain as Rive missed last meeting. Shaun Phillips is equal with Pinchemain with third and second places.

Ricky Rive must be a surprise leader of Grand Slam chase with second placed Chloe Enticott keeping him ahead of Ozanne in equal second. Rive is the only driver to score in both races.

Third last time and a win for Lee Poole gives him the lead in Large cars from Ozanne and Rive, Poole is the only driver to score twice this season.

Enticott won the second Women's from Jones in a borrowed car and joins Kerrin Leigh in joint second place. Jones still leads but broke both her cars and has a battle to be ready for next meeting. Enticott was third in Large cars behind Poole and Nigel Ozanne, then she won the last two races, Reverse Track ahead of Nathan Pinchemain and Grand Slam from Rive. Its early days in all championships and Chris Tebble is a surprise points leader, in Reverse Track from Enticott as he has double scored this season gain a 2 point advantage.


A Final, Standard Tyres race 1, Leeroy Sebire.

Women's race 1, Linda Jones.

Veterans, Pierre Rive and Ozzy Ozanne.

Standard Tyres race 2, Reverse Track with Chicane, Nigel Ozanne.

B Final, Craig Horsepool.

Rests, Shaun Bichard.

Women's race 2, Reverse Track, Grand Slam, Chloe Enticott.

Small Cars, Peter Jory.

Large Cars, Lee Poole.

Newcomers, Jordan Harris.

Driver of the Day................... Chloe Enticott.