VACANCY - GSP Rescue (SW) are looking for new helpers

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*** VACANCY *** GSP Rescue (SW) have a vacancy for an ‘Elf’ to help in the day-to-day-running of GSP Rescue (SW). :lol:

This has arisen because Deb Seeley is leaving us. :( After supporting the rescue for many years, and then in the last few years having become ‘Chief Elf’, Deb has been offered the opportunity to become involved in the setting up and running of a new rescue. Whilst I am very sad that she is jumping-ship after all the hard work she put in to become part of our excellent rehoming service, I can understand that is it a great chance for her. So I really hope it all goes well for her in her new venture. :D

However, that leaves me looking for a new Elf (or two!). Debs main involvement was to take on the responsibility of interviewing (over the phone) all the prospective adopters who registered with us. To understand what they were looking or; to agree on the sort of dog that might suit them; and to fully explain how the rescue worked. As well as that, she freely gave advice to anyone who contacted her with questions about GSPs. She was also my best foster home! Willingly taking in any virtually any dog that I asked for help with regardless of any issues. Some she kept for a few days, normally for a ew weeks - but others (like Willow), stayed with her for months. All were made welcome into her home and treated as one of the family until we were able to find a new forever home. Most importantly, she gave us the most wonderful updates of the progress of that dog whilst in her care.

So if you feel that you would like to get more involved, and have a reasonable knowledge of GSP ownership, and have some time to spare, please give me a call for a chat.
Thank you.

Sarah Hadley

P.S. Deb and I will continue to liasise as and when appropriate, to ensure that all deogs in our care get the best home possible. :wink:
Sarah Hadley

on behalf of GSP Rescue SW
01472-398653 (not after 9:00 pm please)