Pinto - B/ticked 9(?) year old GSP boy *** Available ***

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Pinto - B/ticked 9(?) year old GSP boy *** Available ***

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Pinto is a lovely gentle older black and ticked GSP boy, we think he is about 9 years old, but as he originated as a stray in Ireland, his exact age is unknown. Although when he arrived from Ireland the vet who checked him over suggested he was a young adult, seeing him now some 5 years later he appears older. He is completely fit and well and perfectly active. He is sadly being rehomed as following changes in his home he has to live for part of the week in London which he doesn’t enjoy, and in combination with his owners health issues, he is not enjoying life these days. :(


He is in good health.

He is house-trained and part crate-trained i.e. he happily retreats to a crate to sleep / keep out of the way, but is not routinely shut in one.

He is micro-chipped, vaccinatd and neutered. He is undocked.

He is quite a shy boy, and this includes around other dogs. He has always lived with other dogs in the home, and has always been the quietest one. Out and about, his submissive attitude does at times seem to encourage other dogs to try and mount him, which he obviously doesn’t like, but again doesn’t react.

Pinto is brilliant with children and likes them. However he is wary of adult strangers and will shy away or bark at some people if they try and make eye contact with him. However, at a recent assessment viisit (see more below), he calmly met the dog-savvy assessor without any issues. So away from the home he can cope fine in a quiet environment. In the home he will bark at strangers, but we suspect that is in part because his canine house mate does too!

Pinto is fine with cats and ignores them. He currently lives with 2 cats. :)

Pinto has limited knowledge of stock, although familiar with and comfortable around horses in a stable environment.

When calm, Pinto walks well on the lead, although if he gets worried by loud noises or too much attention from strangers will spin / walk in circles.


Due to his slightly nervous disposition, and the areas in which he is walked, he has rarely been let off lead for fear of him being scared and bolting – possibly into traffic, etc., he is therefore routinely walked on a long-line. On the few occasions he has been let off lead, he has unsurprisingly run off to explore, but has always returned. So getting him used to off-lead exercise would take time (plus a suitable safe and quiet area). His recall in the house and garden is good.


Pinto is fine to be left for several hours (with a doggy companion).

As with all GSPs, Pinto loves being close to his humans and snuggling up to them for strokes and kisses. :D

Pinto has always been nervous outside – not coping at all well with noises and strangers. This is likely as a result from probably having a very restricted early life in Ireland. He is perfectly relaxed in the home, but finds traffic, strangers, etc. outside the home hard to cope with.

Pinto has never bitten any human or dog.

Pinto sleeps on his owners be at night and has free run of the home during the day.


Somewhat unusually, Pinto enjoys going to stay in kennels when his owners are away (maybe because they are familiar and rural?), and enjoys visiting the vet or anyone else he knows.

Pinto is currently fed twice a day on a grain-free complete food with the addition of a little chicken or cheese or wet dog food. He is a bit of a foodie, and will beg for human leftovers too!

When his family first got Pinto, they did try to take him to training classes, but he found them to be too busy and he just froze. He has had some one-to-one training which he was better with. He has a reasonable level of basic obedience and knows come (to his name), sit, wait and no.

Pinto’s bad habits are listed at being his barking at people (from fear), and circling on the lead (again when stressed). It is hoped that both of these issues could disappear in a quieter home once he gains his confidence.


Due to the apparent issues that Pinto has, it was decided that it would be helpful to assess him. It was arranged that Pinto be taken by his owner to visit one of the rescue team who live in a very rural environment. Pinto in fact managed very well. He never barked at the assessor; explored the garden; went out for a walk (where the outdoor pictures came from) which he really enjoyed. The assessor did comment that he didn’t seem to be fully relaxed as no waggy tail, but equally no circling or barking. The assessor also handled him with his owner out of sight, and Pinto was fine with that too – she even took him out to her car and offered him access to the boot, and he happily jumped in, so we feel he will be fine in a similarly quiet new home.

Pinto is seeking an experienced rural home. As he has always lived with another dog, he would appreciate some calm canine companionship. Pinto can live with dog-savvy children. Pinto can also live with a sensible cat subject to careful introductions. As Pinto is a relatively shy dog, he would be best in a relatively quiet home i.e. without too many strangers visiting. As mentioned before, he is not happy around traffic or bustle, so a rural home is a must for him. He is a loving lad who needs to gain confidence in the out doors, and hopefully be able to be off-lead in a safe environment.

Pinto is currently living in east London.


If you feel that you can offer this lovely lad the peaceful rural home that he craves, please contact us.

N.B. If you haven’t already done so, please complete our online Adoption Interest form before getting in touch:-

Thank you.
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