Making regular donations to help GSP Rescue (SW)

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We have for some time now had a facility whereby you could make donations to GSP Rescue (SW), and we have now added an online facility whereby people may register to make regular automatic donations via PayPal to GSP Rescue (SW).

This is via a secure PayPal subscription account, with which you may arrange to make regular monthly or annual donations.

You do not need a PayPal account to use this donation or subscription facility, you may use the option to set up the subscription - paying from a credit or debit card.

Increasingly over recent years GSP Rescue (SW) has been dealing with ever growing numbers of stray dogs, in addition to those dogs surrendered by their owners for rehoming.

During 2011 GSP Rescue (SW) took responsibility for, and successfully rehomed, 49 stray dogs from the UK, Ireland and several other EU countries.

The financial cost to GSP Rescue (SW) of dealing with a large number of stray dogs is considerable in terms of vet fees, kennel bills and transport costs.

GSP Rescue (SW) is run by unpaid volunteers, and any donation you make will go directly to helping GSP's in need.

There are two payment buttons on the PayPal link, the first is a donation button for a single donation and the second a subscribe button to set up a regular monthly or annual payment.

Please click on the following link to access the PayPal page:-

We also accept donations by cheque. Please make it payable to GSP Rescue (SW) and post it to the following address:-

GSP Rescue (SW)
October House
18 York Road

Any questions please E-Mail

Any donation you would be able to make, however large or small, and whether it be a single payment or a regular contribution would be hugely appreciated.

Thank you

On behalf of GSP Rescue (SW).