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Below is a list of the various German Short-haired Pointers that currently are looking to be rehomed for various reasons - their text is updated regularly as the situation changes, so please read through their information first before contacting me.

Our policy is to give preference to adopters who have experience of the breed, as they are not suitable for everyone. So please don't take offence if we feel that we are not able to help you in your search. Having said that, however, we do sometimes have GSPs surrendered to us that we feel that could be suitable to a first-time owner.

I would recommend that everyone has a read of this 'personal' view of the GSP as a breed, as it highlights many of the traits we love in the breed, as well as pointing out some of the pitfalls .....

We are also sometimes asked to help GSP’s from Eire - these need to have a new home arranged over here before they start their trip, but we often know little about these dogs, as mostly they are found abandoned and taken to various pounds which are all very over-stretched. :(

We have some folk over there who check various Pounds twice a week and extract dogs that they think they can save - they let us know when a GSP is found in there (and somethimes not quite pure GSP's too!)

95% of the problems are on the human side - generally these dogs are pretty good - nice tempered - and clean ........

If you would like to be considered to adopt a GSP from GSP Rescue SW (and if you haven’t already done so), please read how GSP Rescue SW works (on the main website), and go to the Adoption submittable form and tell us about yourself - your experiences with GSP’s, your environment, where you live, what other animals you have etc. and what your household working hours are (ie: How long will the dog be left at any one time).

N.B. Please note the following:-

We ask for a donation of £120.00 upon successful adoption of one of our dogs. Whilst all the people involved in the rescue offer their services for free, we do incur various costs such as kennelling and vets costs for some dogs, etc.

We endeavour to contact anyone submitting the online form within 48 hours, however, if we don't contact you to discuss your situation, please contact us, as it is possible that the form has NOT been received.

Also, by submitting a form, you are not joining a waiting list - you are just expressing an interest in re-homing a GSP at some point in the future. We ask that anyone who is interested in a particular dog contact us, and we will then see what we can do. We do NOT operate a 'Waiting List' - you need to contact us if a dog you are interested in appears.

Please enjoy looking at the dogs we are currently helping .... :)
Sarah Hadley

on behalf of GSP Rescue SW
01472-398653 (not after 9:00 pm please)