General Guidance about using the forum

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This forum is intended primarily to provide details about GSPs that need re-homing.

There is also a 'Lost' section, and the 'What Happened Next Section' where follow-up information can be posted by adopters about their new GSP.

The GSPs for Rescue section is only updateable by GSP Rescue SW themselves, so you will not be able to create New Topics or Post Replies in this section.

The 'What Happened Next Section' however is unlocked, and any registered use may add replies, pictures, etc.

Warning: As this is a 'Free Forum' i.e. GSP Rescue do not pay to use this service, the owners reserve the right to add 'links' to other sites and information sessions. Such links are to certain key words, and highlighted in blue and have a double underline / or dots beneath them. Please be aware that these links could take you to sites that you were not expecting, and may even contain Viruses or Trojans, so you are advised NOT to click on them.

The exception to the above is actual web site URL addresses, (such as the link to our on-line adoption form) which again will be high-lighted in blue, but without any underline, and these are perfectly safe to click on.

Please do not hesitate to contact GSP Rescue SW if you need any further asssistance in using this forum.

Thank you