Buddy - Black GSP X Terrier(?) 7 month boy *** Rehomed ***

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March 23rd, 2018, 8:47 am #1

Any one got room for a pocket-sized GSP cross puppy?  Do you remember Sadie, the small liver and ticked GSP girl rescued from a pound in Spain last Summer?  It turned out once she was n a foster home that she was pregnant.  Dad unknown …….  She had 4 healthy puppies which we saw obviously didn’t have a GSP dad J

Our best guess was that Dad was likely to be a terrier type, as she had been housed with several dogs, including a couple of terriers during her stay at the pound (before they realised she was in season L ).  Anyway, all the family were safely rehomed, including the little black puppy Buddy.

Buddy is now 7 months old and sadly his adoptive family don’t feel they can keep him due to a change in family circumstances.  He is perfectly healthy and is vaccinated and has a full Pet Passport.  He is a great character although only small.  His owner has written about him:-


He is house trained he will ask to go out, he actually fits through my mums cat flap so he just takes him self out there. He is good on the lead, he does get distracted off the lead so his recall does need some more work. Yes he loves other dogs and cats. He’s fine left at home he is crate trained so if left he is put in his crate. He knows sit, his name and will do paw just not every time. He likes his toys, with treats he tends to bury them in the garden. He is small, my mum has an average size cat flap which he can get out of.  He is a lovely dog, he loves nothing more than to sit on your lap and sleep. Someone who can give him the attention and training he needs.

Buddy has been living with other dogs and as in regular contact with small children too.  He is seeking an active home where he can develop his character.
Buddy is currently living in the Paignton/Torquay area.

 Please get in touch if you feel you can offer this little boy a new home.

N.B.  If you haven't already done so, please complete our on-line Adoption Interest form before getting in touch:-


Thank you.
Sarah Hadley

on behalf of GSP Rescue SW
E-Mail:- info@gsprescuesw.co.uk
01472-398653 (not after 9:00 pm please)

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July 4th, 2018, 7:14 am #2

***  Apologies for failing to update Buddy's thread in a timely manner :-(  ) - he did find a new home shortly after being posted :-)  ***

Buddy has gone to live with a family joining a new BIG! GSP brother, and new small human slaves !  

The children love him to bits as he is just the right size for them to manage.

He was a bit shy with the outside world when initially rehomed, but has steadily gained his confidence.  He goes to training classes, and has started puppy agility with the daughter as his trainer.  They are both doing really well!

So his future is assured with a loving family and plenty of new things to learn.
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