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Baxter is a lovely large solid liver 2 year old GSP boy from German blood lines who is sadly being rehomed through no fault of his own.  His family recently moved to a new rural home – ideal for a GSP except that there are a lot of local sheep and Baxter has managed to escape from his large garden despite it being newly fenced.   Baxter hasn’t been near the sheep as yet, but a local farmer has now warned them that he will shoot the dog if seen near his sheep.  The family are devastated, as they do not want to risk Baxter so feel it best to rehome him.

Baxter is vaccinated, micro-chipped, neutered and legally docked.
He is in perfect health.

Baxter is house-trained and crate-trained.

He is a large GSP,  (about 27”), although not too heavy as his owners have taken great care to keep him lean.

Baxter is a friendly boy and loves everyone.  He currently lives with 3 children aged 9-12.

He is friendly with other dogs.
Baxter has no experience of cats.

Baxter is not good with stock however.  Whilst he hasn’t had any situations where stock has been damaged, and he has been walked near sheep on the lead when younger, he is very interested to get up-close-and-personal to ‘play’ with other animals, which is obviously a no-no – particularly with sheep.  So not safe off-lead around them and extra training will be required.  Of course, he is still young, so with maturity things will settle down.

Walking on lead he normally pulls quite a lot when he first starts off as he is so excited but he is great on the way home. I tend to take him out on a long walk through the fields off the lead each day
His recall is very good as long as he hasn’t seen or smelt anything that he would like to hunt.

Baxter as with many other GSPs does not like being left on his own. He really whimpers and cries. Baxter can open doors with his paws (it’s amazing to watch) so if we know we are going to be a few hours I will put him in his crate, although for short periods he will be left in his dog-room loose. In the past when he has been left alone to long we have discovered that he likes to destroy his bed. He has never been left with another dog but I think he would really love a friend
Does your dog travel OK in the car? Yes, he is very happy to come on the school runs (he really doesn’t being left out) and has always been great on long car journeys.  N.B.  Baxter has yet to learn to jump into the car though, so needs a bunk-up.  LOL

What does your dog like best?: That’s a hard one! He loves being part of the family, so much so that if we are having a family cuddle he likes to join in. He loves dried chicken or duck fillets, as well as lots of cooked vegetables ,fish skins, tinned fish etc. in with his dog mix. He loves walks. He loves falling asleep in front of the fire. He loves sunbathing. He loves jumping in streams. He loves having his ears tickled.

What does your dog dislike?: To date we haven’t found anything that he doesn’t’ like

What does your dog fear?: Fortunately he has never been in the position that he has to fear anything
How does your dog act when fearful?:  I don’t know. If he has been naughty then he goes and hides under the table

Has your dog ever bitten anyone?: Absolutely not, he is a gentle giant

Has your dog ever bitten another dog?: No, he wouldn’t dream of it

Where does your dog sleep at night?:  He has his own room which has his bed and a crate in it, which is where he is put to dry off after a muddy walk

Where has your dog spent the day?:  Baxter is usually out with me in the fields first thing after the school run. We then come home and he has his breakfast and I get on with the ironing. In the afternoon we will go into the garden and he will come with me and help out (lying down fast asleep). In the afternoon if the car isn’t full Baxter will come on the school run with me; otherwise he is left in the house in his room.  In the spring/summer months the children will take Baxter out around the village. This has become less frequent recently as he is now so big that they find it difficult to keep control of him. At 6pm Baxter has his tea and he joins the family in the sitting room for the evening

What brand of dog food does your dog eat?:  Baxter has a very sensitive tummy. We have tried every brand recommended to us and we have finally found a brand that really suits him. This is Chudley’s Original working dog
How much and how often do you feed your dog?:  Baxter is fed twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening

Has your dog had any training and by whom?: He has had lots of training! He is whistle trained, will come back to recall (as long as livestock are not in view)

List commands your dog knows?: Sit, down, paw, bed, away, no (and his owner is happy to spend time with his new family to help with all his commands)

What would you describe as your dog's bad habits?: Scratching doors if he tries to get out, trying to get food off the work tops

Why are you surrendering your dog?: Unfortunately we have just moved house and despite  installing fencing and estate railings Baxter continues to escape and is found several fields away running around sheep. We can’t allow him out into the garden on his own now and we are terrified that he is going to be shot by the local farmer.
In the past he has also gone after chickens, deer and loves to chase pheasants.   Baxter needs to be rehomed away from close proximity to livestock so that his natural hunting instinct doesn’t take over; as in all other ways he is a very loving dog.

 Additional comments about your dog, (including any other issues the dog may have), that will help us in finding the ideal home: -

“Baxter loves to feel like he is part of the family and often acts as though he is human. He is a very large boy so you do need to keep an eye on him as he can get up onto all the work surfaces in the kitchen. He is still very much a baby so does need lots of attention. You will need to keep an eye on him as he loves beds and comfy sofas if no one is watching!
We really need to find him a loving home as he is going to be greatly missed.”

Baxter is looking for an experienced GSP home.  Whilst he has been living as an only dog, he would enjoy the company of another dog.  Baxter can live with older (due to his large size) dog-savvy children.  We will not rehome Baxter to full-time workers.  We would not recommend Baxter to live with cats; small furries; or domestic fowl etc.  Baxter will need ongoing training as he is still only young – in particular he will need to have careful and sensible introductions to stock and he would really benefit from training for a ‘job’ such as Cani-X; Bikejour; tracking or whatever to stimulate his brain and to distract him from hunting.

Baxter is currently living near Market Harborough, Leics.

If you feel that you can offer this lovely young boy the support and training he deserves to develop his full potential, please get in touch.
N.B.  If you haven’t already done so, please complete our on-line Adoption Interest form before getting in touch:-
Thank you.
Sarah Hadley

on behalf of GSP Rescue SW
01472-398653 (not after 9:00 pm please)

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Baxter's family were really upset to be rehoming Baxter, and have now taken more advice and are going to try changing their fencing; more training etc. to see if they can keep this much-loved boy in his home.

So hopefully Baxter will learn to be around sheep safely soon.