2015 Calendar + Cards Available to order Now!

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We will again have available 4 card designs this year:-

Card A

Card B

Card C

Card D *

* This is a blank notelet card without any wording in it, so you can use it for any occasion.

All the above cards are sold in packs of 10. We have managed to keep our prices the same this year at £6.00 per pack of 10 cards (including P&P).

In addition this year, we are offering you the opportunity to mix-n-match the cards. So you can order mixed packs of cards containing 2 or more designs. These will still be packed in multiples of 10. For mixed packs of cards, we are charging £7.00 per pack of 10 cards.

*** SPECIAL OFFER *** Buy 1 pack of each design (4 packs of cards) for £20.00 (saving £4.00) ****

2015 Calendar

A new 2015 calendar is now available. As in previous years, the calendar contains pictures of dogs rehomed via GSP Rescue (SW) once in their new homes. Calendars will this year be priced at £12.00 each (including P&P).

How to order and Pay

To make our admin easier, please can you make all orders and payments via PayPal sent as 'Money to a friend' to avoid fees, detailing your order in the comments box to:-


If you do not have a PayPal account, you can use our secure PayPal link:-


N.B. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this on-line payment method – just a current debit / credit card. Having completed the payment details, on the 2nd page you can add the actual order details. (If you have any issues, please just confirm your order via E-Mail to info@gsprescuesw.co.uk

For example:-

1 X Calendar; 1 pack Card A; 1 pack Card B; I mixed pack with 5 each card C and Card D.

If you need any help, please feel free to contact us:- info@gsprescuesw.co.uk

Thank you for ordering from us – this is our main fund-raising effort, and helps to give us additional funds to enable us to support more needy dogs.

*** Orders accepted NOW as described above, and the cards are ready to despatch immediately, and the calendars will be available during the 2nd week of November *** :wink:
Sarah Hadley

on behalf of GSP Rescue SW
E-Mail:- info@gsprescuesw.co.uk
01472-398653 (not after 9:00 pm please)