What Does The 'Theory Of Everything' Really Mean In Physics?

What Does The 'Theory Of Everything' Really Mean In Physics?


January 10th, 2018, 7:24 pm #1

What is commonly (though colloquially) called a Theory of Everything (ToE) in physics really is meant to be a theory of everything: a unified theory of all physical fields, including fields that we usually associate with various forms of matter as well as fields that we usually think of as forces, the latter including gravity. In principle, if one had the equations of a ToE at hand, it would be possible to derive every other natural law from them, including all the laws of physics, chemistry, even molecular biology. So yes, everything very much means everything in this case.

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January 11th, 2018, 8:12 am #2

Theory of Everything: The God's Code of Nature.
§1. Vacuum: T= 0K, E= ∞ , p = 0, t =∞
§ 2. Particles: C/D= pi=3,14, R/N=k, E/M=c^2, h=0, c=0, i^2=-1
§ 3. Photon: h=E/t, h=kb, h=1, c=1
§ 4. Electron: h*=h/2pi, c>1, E=h*f , e^2=ach
§ 5. Gravity, Star formation: h*f = kTlogW : He II -- > He I -- > H-- >
§ 6. Proton: (p)
§ 7. The evolution of interaction between Photon / Electron and Proton:
a) electromagnetic
b) nuclear
c) biological
§ 8. The Physical Laws:
a) Law of Conservation and Transformation Energy/ Mass
b) Pauli Exclusion Law
c) Heisenberg Uncertainty Law
§ 9. Brain: Dualism of Consciousness
§ 10. Test and Practice: Parapsychology. Meditation
The secret of God, Soul and Existence is hidden in
" The theory of Vacuum and Quantum of Light"