I don't believe in time relativity because...

I don't believe in time relativity because...

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Say you left this for the better. And how on earth was a god person, was summoned by the God to analyze this situation with him.
You will have the opportunity to observe a purple space station on your left, above.
Below, you'll see a gray-to-space laser light, which makes one revolution per second around its axis.
You will also see a green shuttle departs the headlight and a red shuttle approaches the same lighthouse, both in identical and very high speeds.
Because all objects are in the same plane and rockets propel the device the lighthouse spinning endlessly in a counterclockwise direction, you will notice that the laser beam red atingirára the ship first, the second ship green and lilac in the orbital station third.
For the crew of each object, there will be a different feeling.
The lighthouse keeper who is at the top of the tower, you will see a steady stream of light out of the lighthouse.
The ship's pilot will see a red flashing light that pulses at a rate lower (faster) to one flash per second.
The ship's pilot green, notice, through a mirror, a light pulse with speed greater (slower) to one flash per second.
The purple station is stationary in relation to the headlight, so that its flight crew to see exactly one flash per second.
For the pilot of the red bus, time out of the ship is shrinking in relation to its on-board clock.
For the pilot of the green bus, time out of the ship is stretching.
For the crew of the space station, the cadence of the lighthouse matches the clock board.
The problem is that the ship that will ship it back and are at the same speed relative to the lighthouse.
And to the Almighty and to you, do not depend on light to see, see it all happen at once.
Another little problem:
There is time in eternity?
I decided to dig out this topic posted a long time to "prove" that the relativity of time is a crock.

Consider that the craft green and red are the same. As the ship goes, the pulse of laser light decreases. When the ship around, the pulse increases. When travel is completed, both the ship and the space station will have received the same amount of light pulses.

Einstein, as refuting the two small equations below:

0 +1 = 1

1-1 = 0

Gotcha, loudmouth

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>>>I don't believe in time relativity because...

it does not matter what you beieve, science is now built on what Einstein believes and it is clear from the summation of his writings that he believes nonsense.