Infinity Guijia Suit Openned

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Infinity Guijia Suit Openned

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22 Feb 2006, 00:45 #1

I took the new Infinity suit of the Guijia and cut it openned and placed a pilot inside.
She is now ready for combat.
Well once I paint her.

I have her with her suit open as if she is just suiting up or getting ready for combat.

Here take a look and see.

one more

ooops little mold line to fix on that shoulder and a couple little things I see now in the photo.... :oops:

They are really great figs and nicely done.

I just wanted to convert as usual and so this suit is supposed to have a person inside so I openned it up.

Hey you know me always being different.

Well I tried to get a couple more photos.
As she is tucked up inside it was difficult but here is what I could get.

more up inside her suit. Showing her a little better.

and from the left side


Big Mecha Gurtz
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14 Mar 2006, 15:37 #2

What game is this model for?

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15 Mar 2006, 04:43 #3

The game is really new.
The figs are almost all back ordered and just now coming along.

they are great figures if you like Anime.
And its Called Infinity.

If you buy a starter set you get a set of quick start rules.
As the rule book isn't even out yet either.

But hey I like the figs alot very cool.
and several factions etc.
So neat.

Really good stuff.

;) B)

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Kind of looks like an Elite from Halo 3.

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25 Mar 2008, 21:41 #5

Wow! These models have unlimited uses for Tau! More stealthsuits, etc. Are they the right scale?

This stuff in particular is good for Tau! I see some good conversions ;)

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26 Mar 2008, 04:03 #6

Yes they are really cool for tau and fit in nicely with them.

And yes they are the correct scale so will work perfectly.
But a little expensive though.

But very nice models.