The 2012 Greggy Afterparty

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Welcome back to another year of my favorite things!

Please feel free to discuss my picks (as well as yours) for the very best in film/video games from 2011.

I'd like to kick things off with some runner-ups, honorable mentions and random thoughts...

-My runner-up to Skyrim for best game would have been The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. This excellent title didn't take home any awards, but it definitely came close to taking home the big prize.

-Honorable mentions in no particular order: Portal 2, Batman: Arkham City and Super Mario 3D Land

-A LOT of films were considered for the sound awards- Rango, Mission: Impossible, Harry Potter...

-Harry Potter was very close to taking home the VFX award, but Caesar was just too impressive. I also considered Rango. ILM's animation is absolutely phenomenal in that film. I don't see why an animated film can't win for best visual effects.

-I named my best score nominees a little while back. You can see them and listen to some clips here.

-Harry Potter was considered for editing. I even had thoughts of Mission: Impossible...

-Art direction was firmly going to Potter, but Rango and Hugo also deserve mention there.

-Harry Potter was a contender for screenplay...but so was eventual winner John Logan's Rango...

-I had thoughts of giving Daniel Radcliffe some props in the best actor category. Rooney Mara was also very impressive in Dragon Tattoo.

-Best Picture was VERY close to going to Harry Potter. I wanted to reward that series so badly. And while Deathly Hallows is an absolutely exceptional film, I went with my brain over my heart and gave it to Hugo. I guess you could say that Deathly Hallows was my favorite film of the year, while Hugo was the best.

-Rango was not considered for best picture, but it was considered for a lot of awards. It (sadly) didn't get any. A re-watch of that one found it to be possibly deserving of another half-star from the three I gave it.

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How dare you not give Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy every last one of your awards...even the videogame ones.