Hannibal Endorsement

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June 5th, 2013, 11:05 pm #1

It has just occurred to me that I have failed to give my official Greg's Barn Approval to the best new show of year, Hannibal.

The series was just renewed for a second season by NBC and I can't recommend it enough. The writing is intelligent, witty and intensely psychological. The character development is absolutely superb. It would have been easy to fall into a 'serial killer of the week' formula, but Hannibal doesn't do anything the easy way. Cases and various plot threads carry over across the entire season. The real problem Hannibal faces is that it's too intelligent for mainstream audiences. So despite its critical acclaim, it was far from a ratings hit.

The performances are exceptional. Mads Mikkelsen is an inspired choice as the young Dr. Lector, playing him with the subtlety and realism necessary to conceal his true nature. Just as good is Hugh Dancy as the borderline autistic Special Agent Will Graham. This incarnation of Graham absolutely puts what we've seen previously in Manhunter and Red Dragon to shame.

The show is exceptionally well-produced, with visually-stunning direction and outstanding cinematography and art direction.

Whether a fan of the series or not, Hannibal is brilliant television. It's a superb and wonderfully creative re-imagining of the Hannibal Lector story. Showrunner Bryan Fuller has created something special here and I can't wait to visit the fantastic (and disturbing) places he will take us next.