Far Cry 4

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March 3rd, 2015, 1:11 pm #1

The Far Cry series has traditionally made major strides with each of its subsequent entries. Far Cry 4 doesn’t quite do that. Gameplay enhancements are incremental and the story is a major letdown, but this game still delivers a great experience.

If you loved Far Cry 3, then Far Cry 4 is still an absolute must-play title, delivering the same incredible blend of open-world exploration, excellent first-person mechanics and atmospheric settings.

It’s a refinement of the formula more than anything else, but still well worth playing.

The gameplay enhancements this time around mostly apply to an emphasis on vertical traversal, adding a grappling hook to scale cliffs, as well as the ability to slide down most mountainsides without falling to your death.

There’s also a helpful ‘autodrive’ feature that makes driving (and particularly shooting while driving) much easier. One of the most stylish and thrilling additions is the vehicle takedown upgrade, which allows the player to jump from car-to-car, eliminating any hostiles inside.

The excellent combat variety of Far Cry 3 returns, and liberating outposts and bell towers is just as addicting as ever.

It’s really a shame that the story and many of the actual campaign missions are such letdowns. The characters are irritating to say the least; with its colorful cast providing more groans than anything else. The game’s main antagonist, the tyrannical Pagan Min, fares the best, but the game’s abrupt ending cuts off the chance to truly develop him into anything more than a quirky villain.

The game also relies far too heavily on trippy fantasy sequences. Every time these popped-up, I just wanted to get back to exploring the world map. This is a game that is at its best when the player is making their own path; discovering the gigantic world’s secrets and finding creative ways to utilize the game’s impressive arsenal.

It doesn’t redefine the genre, but Far Cry 4 is still an outstanding open world shooter. If you have even the smallest bit of love for this series, it’s still highly recommended, even if it can’t reach the soaring highs of its masterful predecessor.