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Ben Affleck stars in and direct this exceptional thriller chronicling the extraction of six fugitive US Embassy staff members from Iran in 1979-80.

Affleck helms the film with a superb, workmanlike effort, seamlessly melding intensity and drama with a great comedic touch. Affleck is proving to be a real talent in the director's chair, always putting storytelling and performance above style and excess.

The cast is uniformly excellent; and the performances of Alan Arkin and Bryan Cranston are especially noteworthy.

Although much of the credit for Argo goes to Affleck, Chris Terrio's screenplay is just as impressive. This is a brilliantly written film in every respect. The dialog is exceptionally funny while never diminishing the terror of the situation at hand.

Argo is quite simply and obviously a magnificent film.

* * * *
(out of four)