LEGO Island in Minecraft

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Pictures/Video here: ... and%20LI2/

Instructions before you download.
The world is in a .zip file with (world) in the file name, extract to saves. The textures is the other .zip file there. Don't extract and put into your texturepacks folder. There is also a low quality (half the size textures) version there as well if wanting to stick with default texture resolution. Also, please read everything after downloads as well while your waiting for the downloads, it's important.

Regular: The main download.

Edit: Please note the Boundryless version is outdated, and some things (like the texture packs) won't work on newer Minecraft versions unless I update it!
Boundryless: This is version is more for if you want to turn it into your own survival map.

Patch your game with MCPatcher and have the options custom colors (and optional hd textures) checked on the mods tab. This is for if you want the lines on the road to show properly as green instead of red.

Optional downloads:

Special thanks to Lair for pre-release testing.

I might update this depending if you guys want it or not. Like adding more custom items and mobs and stuff (well, changing the gfx that is).

Bonus for other thing I started a while ago too, Island 2: ... 20LI2/LI2/
The password for the LI2 images is PeppersPizza

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We need that texture pack updated! I mean, if you can.

That, and we should work on getting a track set up; It could be in the Nether or something to accommodate such a large space.

Maybe get a server up...? Nah, that's just me having high hopes!

Great work again, mate!

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"If I can"; Well with the amount of time I spent hacking IXS today, that would be nothing. :P

It would take a long time to make the racetrack, maybe even longer than the island itself because it has a roof. o.0
Maybe if I was doing it with someone, or had the motivation to do it, I might.

Back then it wasn't possible, but because I can port forward now, it would actually be possible for me to have a server up for when people want to play.
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