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Le717 over on rockradiersunited and I have joined together to make the following ips patch that should fix any loading problems you have. If not, try running it the no-cd way posted by Cyrem posted over at the friendly neighbourhood site rockraidersunited. This patch also makes you able to play discless (else I would not have mention the discless method above). I've been told that it is best to run the game Win 98 compatibility and run as admin. I wouldn't really know because I play it without any compatibility and it works fine, so please tell me what works best for you to confirm this, thanks. If any of this doesn't work, sorry I can't help you. :/

Download here: ...
I take no responsibility for anything you make break.

You will need this small program (which does not require installation) to patch your exe!
[+] Steps to using the IPS Patch
  • Download Lunar IPS
  • Open up the program and select "Apply IPS Patch" (image)
    (Run as administrator, or move Game.exe to somewhere where privileges aren't needed like your desktop when applying)
  • Locate your IPS Patch and Select it. (image)
  • Select Game.exe. You will need to change the file visibility from "Common ROM Files" to "All Files (*.*)"! (image)
  • Follow these no cd steps (Sometimes optional, but recommended anyway)
  • Run the game.
  • Windows 10 users make sure your SafeDisc/SecuROM drivers are turned on (see how to do so here)
[+] Additional Steps
  • Try running in compatibility mode for Windows 98 and/or run as administrator.
  • Make sure no instances of the game are running at the time of patching.
  • Run Lunar IPS as an administrator.
[+] Testimonies
Amazing! It works!!
Thanks so much!

Game works like a charm. Thanks for all your help.

So far, the game hasn't crashed.
-Outside The Lego Box

Many many thanks, it's working like a charm :)

"Simple to use, works like a charm. Very glad this exists!"


"It worked! Thank you so much!"
(This guy registered just for this. : P)

Thanks for the patch; IXS is now running flawlessly.

You made my day! :D

Thank you so much!
Works great!
Yay! I can finally play IXS without crashes again!
-Xiron (me :P)
[+] White Screen in Boats
To fix the white screen in boats, find a way to lower the FPS (Frames Per Second) of the game. One way I personally know how to do this myself is record with Fraps. There are probably other methods out there though.
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