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Oct 16 2008, 10:54 PM #1

Letter sent to Ark from K. Paper is a bit rumpled and has a streak of gun oil over it.

Dear Ark


This isn't easy for me to ask. I bet you're busy and it's been awhile since you and I had a chat. Or a good fight. kinda miss those I guess you know that Judy and I have had our rough times. I hope she's doing well. Of course you would know all about that! Anyways, seeing as she makes the big bucks, I bet she can afford a new bodyguard.

Now get off your high horse! This is your buddy talking...

She doesn't need you now.

I need your help.

I have a favour to ask.

You see, Michael has come to live with me. Is that the coolest shit or what?! I'm so fucking excited. Ignore that please. Anyways, I NEED a babysitter! I don't know how I can take care of Michael and run after the Boy Band Gone Wild--you remember Bad Luck, right?

So...yeah. I know it's a LOT to ask. But you're my friend, make that partner in crime once upon a time. You know what I mean... I'll pay you, I'll even include danger pay. I'm a nice guy, huh? Don't you forget it, Ark!

C'mon. Do it. I know you wanna come see all the nice Japanese ladies. You sexy beast! Har har! Joke Joke. Personally I think you look like a monkey.

Claude S.O.S!!

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Oct 17 2008, 12:11 AM #2

Ark opened his mailbox with little interest; he rarely got mail other than bills lately. Grabbing the handful of envelopes he went inside, tossing the junk mail into a trash can in the kitchen as he made a note to remind those people he wasn't supposed to be getting these anymore.

Shrugging off his jacket he drapped it over a table chair he never used. Ark held the last letter and looked at it, momentarily caught off guard.

A letter from Japan? From none other than K at that...

Taking a seat on his couch he slid open the evelope and pulled out the crumpled paper, reading it over apprehensively. Why would K be writing him?

Ark couldn't help the slight smirk. So, K needed his help, again. Honestly sometimes Ark wondered how K survived on his own out there in Japan.

This was interesting. It almost hurt how right K was. Judy really didn't need him. Well he had been bored lately. There wasn't much to do with Michael gone and Judy had already hired herself a few other bodyguards.

Japan could be interesting, and his 'partner' needed him. Ark smirked slightly and folded up the letter. Oh yes, he would be keeping this. Finally some solid evidence. K would not be brushing this off as easily as he did the last one.

"Japan it is..." He said to himself, glancing around as he made a list of things to pack in his head. This could definitely prove interesting.
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