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I can't believe all this time I haven't made an RP Rules post. But these rules will be monitored by the forum admins. If you break them you will be subject to the consequences. To have a decent Role Play we need some basic rules to follow.


1. NO Goddmodding. This is the biggest complaint among players, no one likes it, so don't do it. If you don't know what this is read Here

2. Be Nice! This RP will NOT tolerate any form of harrassment, flaming, baiting, and other forms of malicious negativity. Use some common sense and respect fellow players and RESPECT their pairings. Before you interfere with a person's pair, INFORM them first and ask. You don't have to spoil your idea, just give the other person a head's up, you know?

3. Keep the general idea of your RP in the Gravitation world. AU is fun and crack can make us laugh. Like the fashion show for Bad Luck in womens clothes for example. If you aren't sure about an idea you have PLEASE ASK AN ADMIN FIRST! Original Characters need to know to also keep it within the Gravi world. Having too many Original Characters can become confusing, and no one knows what their point is in the story anymore. If an OC doesn't comply with this...then I will have to let that OC go.

4. Players must keep active. If they don't reply to an RP in 5 days then they WILL receive a warning on the green bar under their avatar. If that player does not come to an admin with a good reason for not playing, then the problem will be addressed and Admin's will decide the future of that player ASAP.

5. Communicate! If you have a messenger and or receive a PM here on the forum, USE IT and REPLY to it. The best way to keep an RP going alright is communication. If a player doesn't respond to their PM's, a warning will be placed on the green bar under your avatar.

6. The time should be followed. It's simple. We use the time of year that we're currently in in real life. For example, its Feb so it close to Valentines ^_~ But this works fine if we don't fall behind and end up two months behind.

7. Don't start too many threads that you can't handle! Starting too many RP's all at once puts a strain on you and makes the RP messy. Two max RP's are allowed, unless you play two characters. Just use some common sense...finish those RP's before making another. This way we can all keep up and not get to lost.

8. Try to interact with all the players. Please try not to settle with one or two folks. This way no one should be bored or left out. If you are feeling left out LET THE ADMINS KNOW! Let's work together to brainstorm something, it's fun ^^

9. HAVE FUN! Be silly, crazy, creative ^^ This is the most important rule of them all! ^_____^

If I have forgotten something please feel free to ask Questions in the Questions thread. Thank you!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Manager,

Mr. K B)

NOTE TO ADMINS: Please feel free to edit this as you wish, just inform me ^^ Thanks! <3