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Mar 28 2011, 02:58 AM #1

His eyes slowly opened. Flinching at the light, Shuichi lifted a hand to block its brightness. Little by little the blurred image before him, began to focus to the surroundings of his home. Hunh? Im home?

He blinked a couple times until it was all coming back to him. He scratched his head as he yawned and explored his surroundings. His head felt heavy. It was almost like he had been knocked unconscious and had been asleep for 5 years..

But looking at the time he had only taken a nap for an hour or so. His right hand was grasping the remote to the TV and on the screen was none other than Ryuichi Sakuma. He looked curiously until vaguely remembering slipping that in. Man he moved so gracefully.. the box with his other items lay unneatly to the side of the TV. Why did he take that out again..? To

"LAS VEGAS!" he yelled.

His eyes popped open. And in his surprise the remote slipped from his hand. They were going to Vegas and they needed to promote! Dang he had almost forgotten. What do I do? What do I do? Shuichi frankly looked about not really concentrating. But he stopped when he noticed
the image on the TV had changed. It wasn't Ryuichi it was a bizarre world coming from teh screen. He stared at it curiously. It was odd. He was caught up in all the wonder of it. He couldn't stop staring, but he liked it.. Then he smirked. Shuichi had an idea.

Immediately, he swiped the phone from his jacket pocket and sends a text message to his bandmates:Hiro and Suguru. <-clicky