NG takes Vegas by Storm or…Sin?

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NG takes Vegas by Storm or…Sin?
By: Akeno Watanabe

The word ‘Vegas Tour’ is out and it is spreading across the nation like wild fire. NG Pro, a top record label in Japan, is currently sponsoring three of Japan’s top bands, Nittle Grasper, Bad Luck and ASK in a all out tour of Las Vegas.

Is this the Holy Trinity or a fight for top dog? Mr. Seguchi, president of NG Pro and band member of Nittle Grasper claims, “Nittle Grasper, Bad Luck and ASK are amongst Japan’s best and most popular bands. The tour to Las Vegas will be the perfect opportunity to once more show to the American music world what Japan is capable of. The tour has an objective to please already existing fans and convince new ones. The tour will reach the objective of catching the attention for J-pop in the States no matter what seeing that the preparations are already running full speed. “

Numerous fans of all three bands have littered the electronic highway with Tweets, blogs and forum activity. Already a Facebook page has been created for the tour and has been joined by over 1,000 members. Sources from the U.S claim that the growing interest in Japanese talent has skyrocketed since the early 90’s.

But is NG Pro taking Vegas by storm? Or is it by sin?

ASK, the wildly popular band affiliated with NG Pro, has demonstrated a promotional curveball like no other. Billboards depicting only a few of those infamous Seven Sins, so far, have been placed in some of Tokyo’s busiest commercial areas. Oh, we’ve noticed ASK. Not only has Japan noticed, but so has the world!

And what did the President of NG Pro have to say on this matter? He states, “ The ASK members chose a fitting theme for their promotional billboards for this specific tour. They are by no means a random sequel of pictures or anything of the like. For anyone who might feel provoked or offended by them I can assure that it merely are shots to suit the theme of our tour to Las Vegas, Sin city. Promotional marketing knows its own poetical language. No catchphrase or pose is done at random. Every step is a well thought through decision to both catch the attention and curiosity of the public as to please the eager fans. The ASK members have perfectly managed to for fill these goals. As the discussion for whether or not they are provocative or not is still open no-one in Tokyo can say they haven’t noticed them.”

The racy billboards have induced minor public objection and debate regarding public decency, but ticket sales for the upcoming Vegas Tour have begun to rise. American fans are taking the bait by this clever label. Its true folks, advertising works. The Tokyo Times will be following the progress of this Vegas Tour. Be sure to check out my next report from Las Vegas!

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