Jupiter Day Present

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Daryl stood in the middle of the elegant store amid a flurry of clerks that were running about as if their pants were on fire as they did Dary's bidding. Daryl, the calm in the middle of the shopping spree storm stood barking out commands and orders while he checked items off a touch board as each was accomplished.

"Beluga caviar, check!"

A rather large box of individual packages of the expensive delicacy appeared wrapped in brown paper and string.

"Handmade candies, crackers, rum cake, champagne and imported strawberries, check, check and check!"

More packages appeared at which Daryl barely spared a glance.

"Organic duck and filet of mignon with peppercorns...check!"

And even more packages appeared.

This went on for for some time, during which every now and then Daryl would look up to see where Riki was, making sure that he was keeping close and keeping out of trouble. When he felt his charge was getting edgy or about to touch something expensive, Daryl would snap his fingers and a new plate of snacks and chilled glass of wine would appear out of nowhere for Riki. Whenever Riki's glass threatened to be empty, Daryl issued a barked command or a nasty look and someone came running.

"Have some respect for the House of Mink!" Daryl would snap, and that got asses moving even faster, including scrapes and bows of apology for slighting Riki.

When the food and drink was done being ordered, Daryl directed that it all be shipped back to the house directly. The remaining packages and boxes of presents and decorations, he directed be loaded into the aircar, all save the most important. Those were Master Iason's personally requested items. These he handed to Riki without asking or considering that Riki might not want to carry Iason's things. He simply gave them to Riki with a look that meant he was to do as told with no argument.

"That should do it," Daryl said finally. "Mercifully Jupiter Day comes but once a year. I don't think I could take all this activity on a daily basis, eh, Riki?" he asked the mongrel from behind the mountain of bags and boxes he expected Riki to carry.

"Let's get these things into the car. We have more to do before the day is done and I want to be home by dark."

Little did Riki know that the next item on Daryl's ambitious Jupiter Day schedule was so shocking, it would probably render the mongrel who never lacked for anything to say, completely speechless!
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