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Saved by Grace
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Dieting - The Purple People Eater

On a diet? Reach for the color purple and grab a handful of nutrition. Here are a few of our favorite purple diet-wise foods that not only add nutrition to your diet plan, they make a great low calorie snack.

Purple seedless grapes - one cup contains about 58 calories. For a cool diet treat on those hot summer days, arrange a cup of grapes on a freezer-proof tray and place into the freezer until grapes are frozen. Dust with a bit of Splenda if a sweeter taste is desired.

Purple Plums - one plum contains about 36 calories. Plums taste great in salads. Simply slice and add.

Purple Turnips - A one-half cup of boiled turnips contains about 14 calories. Raw turnips are fabulous! I like mine peeled with a little salt.

Eggplant - a one-half cup of eggplant contains about 13 calories. Eggplant is popular in many Mediterranean foods. Eggplant substitutes nicely for meat and is good for flushing excess sodium from the body, thus helping to lower blood pressure. The downside is that eggplant tends to absorb oil when cooking.

Diet Tip: Rather than use hamburger buns on your next burger, try two thin slices of eggplant instead. Dip slices into egg white and flour LIGHTLY. Cook on medium heat in no-calorie cooking spray until golden brown on both sides.