The Flip Side Of 50 #2-Servitude

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Serving Or Being Served?
Phm 1:8-9 For this reason, having much boldness [or, confidence] in Christ to be commanding you [to be doing] the proper [thing], [yet] on account of love I rather appeal, being such a one as Paul, an old man, but now also a prisoner of Jesus Christ. (ALT)

Paul's ministry lasted around 30 years before he was martyred. He was indeed an aged man, not just a learned man. He had fought the good fight. He had, after his conversion, led a Christ-centered, dedicated life. He knew the day of his martyrdom when it drew near. He had no regrets and he had no fear of that day because he knew in Whom he had trusted.

Surely he had many privileges in the Lord that we may never have. On the other hand, he had many trials and persecutions that we will never have. But the whole idea when we have become an aged person, is to look back on our life with content, as he did. To know that when we die we are absent from the body and present with the Lord. We might not be accomplished people, but that will not be the question we hear from God. The question we hear, one and all, is what have you done with My Son? How will you answer that question as you ponder it today?

Have you served the poor? Have you reached out to the lost? Have you run a good race? These are just a few important questions we should be asking ourselves. If if we stumble across a no answer or two, we do have time to do something to change that answer into a yes. Wouldn't you rather, like Paul did, examine yourself daily to see if you are in the faith? Ziggy says, "Life is a trip and you only get a one way ticket." Is yours marked, destination heaven? Do something so faith-full this week that you will even startle yourself for boldly stepping out in faith.

If you take it to heart to influence someone for the Kingdom of God this week, you will have bragging rights. I would love to hear about it. I would love to have my spirit bolstered by knowing that for some of us the good years have truly begun.

Many say they will serve the Lord when they are retired. Are You doing that yet? Is it a priority? Can you be an encouragement to others that have discovered the flip side of fifty? Are you doing the proper thing on account of love for Jesus, or are you dwelling on me, myself, and my during these freedom years from child raising and employment? One thing is for certain. God will always need a voice. Is yours audible? Even if some of us are imprisoned with and old and ailing body, our spirit can never be bound. Reach out this week and try something new. What are you waiting for?