The Father Says Today: 12/28

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The Father Says Today:
Prophets Russ and Kitty

The Father says today that this is your fixed and determinate time and season to breakthrough into that which you have been yearning and crying out for. This is your NOW SEASON, the right and opportune moment. Do NOT look at or accept the report of the circumstance or situation. I am taking you through the seen into the unseen for that is where My promise is realized and becomes substance and manifest reality in your life.

This is your NOW time says the Father! I call you to AWAKE from the illusion of what SEEMS to be and know and commit to what IS. I called ABRAHAM a Father of many nations decades before Isaac was born. My declaration to Abram was "as for Me I have made you a Father of many nations...." As I declared to Abraham I declare to you:

You are the blessed of your Father! You are the enfranchised children provisioned by My hand and overcoming every obstacle. Awake to this truth says the Father and trust Me for the manifest due season to realize My full promise in your life.

Your salvation is nearer than you first believed. Objects are closer than they appear in the natural for I am bringing GOD-SPEED ACCERLATION to every blessing and petition you have asked of Me. This is your portion and this is your promise by My hand this day says the Father.