The Father Says Today: 12/27

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The Father Says Today:

The Father says today allow My love to be the driving force in your life and not any other sentiment. Though others expend their energy in negative ways toward you and one another - let My love be the rule in your life. Your posture toward others and your attitude toward others is a predictive reflection of what tomorrow holds for you. Loving others begets the love response from My hand.

Make no mistake says the Father that My love is constant and unconditional but it is YOUR LOVE that ACTIVATES My beneficence in your situation. Many times the answers you seek are right at hand but don't come to manifest substance because of an anemic love response toward others. This is the deeper truth of "love never fails." Love is always on hand but you do not always experience what Love is prepared to produce. Declining to walk in love toward others results in forsaking your own mercy.

Many answers to prayer lie unclaimed says the Father because men and women falter in their love response to those around them. So ascend into the provisioning that I have made available to you today. Love's inventory of blessing is near to you and not far off. I will relieve you of every pressure and privation as you sow out of yourself the love response - even to the unkind and the undeserving.