The Father Says Today 12/25

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December 25th, 2012, 9:44 am #1

Prophets Russ and Kitty

The Father says today that I am releasing you from debt. I have freeing you from every debt and every obligation beyond the measurelessness of My love. No longer will you be subject to the guilt laden manipulations of others who impose their choices on you with the cords and bonds of their own self-perceptions of what you should or should not do.

Though I have called you to walk in humility - that humility is between you and I. The humility that I have called you to is not to be intruded on by those who manipulate and attempt to control you with accusation. I have washed, cleansed and forgiven you from says the Father. Release the past and thereby release yourself from the unfair expectations of others.

Your past failings and present struggles do not disqualify you from My plan for your destiny. Every promise I have made in your life takes your humanity into account. Your blessing and destiny is based on My perfection produced in you not your performance to some unattainable standard. Enter in My rest from the demands of others. Know that I am working in you even this day to will and to do My good pleasure.