The Father Says Today: 12/22

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The Father Says Today:
Prophets Russ and Kitty

The Father says today that you are not subject to the whim of man any longer. Earthly authorities receive their jurisdiction from My hand. Man might pull the voting lever on election day but I decide the outcome. I set one up and take one down. The authorities that be receive their office and ordination by My design. They have power in the natural but know this you are not limited nor bound to their agenda. You are a principality and a power and ruling and reigning with Me begins now and not in some future time.

So fear not neither dread when leaders and rulers stray and struggle to wrest themselves from My sovereignty. Their hearts are in My hand even as Pharaoh and I will turn them whithersoever I will. Your responsibility is to pray out My discerned purpose and know that the government is upon your shoulder and of the increase of My government and My kingdom there will be no end.

My government in your life regarding things both small and great is activated by the words of your mouth. Open your mouth wide says the Father and I will fill it with My jurisdictional grace. I will bring heaven and earth into alignment in your nation, your community and yes even under your roof as you verbalize My will. I will shake and I will correct the nations and every authority as you exercise the prerogatives of your office in My kingdom.