The Father Says Today: 12/20

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The Father Says Today:

Prophets Russ and Kitty

The Father says today don't let your adversaries set the agenda for your life. Their food and their drink is to give you consternation and to set you to flight. The enemy thirsts and hungers to see you set at nought. The enemy rejoices to see you diminished. Don't give your detractors the satisfaction of seeing the stress their actions produce in your life.

Make every determination says the Father to respond in grace and love even to those that seek your hurt. Those that live by the sword shall die by the sword. Resolve in your heart not to respond in kind to those who disparage and malign you unfairly. My love in your heart brings you to a place of ascendency that ends all strife.

When you release your detractors to My hand you release yourself from the snare they have laid in your path. I will visit them with My glory. I will show them My acts and teach them My ways - one way or the other but I can do nothing until you choose to rise above the petty, strife mongering, fear prone reactive posture toward those who seek something less than your blessing. I will not allow anyone - not angel, demon, man or woman to set on your to hurt you - they will have to go through Me to get to you and THAT will NOT happen says your Father.