The Father Says Today: 12/18

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The Father Says Today:

The Father says today that I know what you are made of. In yourself you have limitation and there are times when enough is enough. Make every effort to maintain peace and harmony in your dealings with others. Do not allow the enemy to set the agenda for your life or the lives of those around you. Do not allow yourself to become the instrument of discouragement or attack on those who have wronged you.

As much as lies in you be at peace with those round about you. I am on task says the Father. There are angels assigned to you whose gaze never strays from My face upon the throne. These angels scrutinize My expression toward them with terrible focus and intensity just looking for the next assignment in your behalf. I will speedily act to defend and garrison you from every depredation and assault so relax and unclench your fist. This isn't your battle it is mine and I am well able to defeat your enemy on every score.

When pushed to your limit says the Father make a conscious choice to go low and worship. I give grace to the humble but I set My forces in array against the proud and contentious. When you react in pride and anger you place yourself at enmity with Me. Refrain from this pitfall for I only have your blessing at heart and would never choose to refrain from pouring out grace and mercy on your behalf. This your time says the Father. Despair not neither be dismayed. Your blessing is dawning anew with this day and under this sun you will see My mercy visited upon you in an unprecedented way.