The Father Says Today: 1/30

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The Father Says Today:
Prophetic Word of the Day by Russ and Kitty

The Father says today that your wedding garment is laid out and ready. The angel minstrels have resined their bows and prepared their tabrets. The preparations and preliminaries are all in readiness for My bride company to be announced in the earth. The processional in heaven is manifesting on the earth. My bride will come forth in the earth without spot or wrinkle or imperfection.

I am capable of bringing forth a spotless bride says the Father. From the foundation of the earth this has been My purpose and My plan. Even from the polluted religious expressions that have presumed upon My patience even from thence I will bring forth an uncontaminated bride. I bid you take your place in that bride company says the Father. There are many distractions and false burdens that would pull you aside but do not be dissuaded says the Father. Take your place in the bride company that is emerging in the earth.

You are more than an honored guest says the Father. You are a part of that one pristine nuptial vision that the Son has long readied himself to redeem from the earth. You will be part of that company that comes forth out of the wilderness terrible as an army with banners. I am cleansing and preparing you says the Father that you might present yourself as a yielded vessel to My purpose. Look away from worldly things and worldly concerns and you will find that My eye is upon you even as you have searched the heavens for My gaze. I am not looking away or looking elsewhere for My child I only have eyes for you.