The Father Says Today: 1/29

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January 29th, 2013, 10:39 am #1

The Father says today that I am against those that grind the face of the poor. They wipe their mouth and say they have done nothing wrong but I will defend the poor and the fatherless and the widow. I will repair the breaches through which the enemy has trespassed upon you and will give you peace says your Father. No longer will you be mocked and tormented. My ministering angels will seek you out and bind up your wounds and alleviate the burdens even of past hurts and devastation.

Put your trust and your confidence in My hand says the Father for the work I began on the cross is being finished in you even this day. Listen to My voice. Quiet yourself and lean upon My bosom even and John the beloved reclined upon My heart at the table in times of old. I will cause you to hear My heart beat and to be nurtured and I will wash away the filth and contamination of this world.

There is a reason I am called COMFORTER says the Father. I am able to comfort and I am also able to cause you to overcome. I will mollify your wounds with the ointment of My spirit and I will fill you with My joy and My courage. When once again you stand on that field of conflict you will not know defeat for I am NOW standing with you. So be of good courage and rest in Me. I am the God of Battles and I have a strategy to restore all that which the enemy has wrongfully taken from you.