The Father Says Today: 1/28

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The Father Says Today: Prophets Russ and Kitty

The Father says today that there is a different anointing available for the different situations in your life. The greatest anointing against strife and contention and war is activated when you choose to band together with those of like glory. You are in proximity to men and women who have touched My glory who have My glory resident on the inside of them. As you connect with these you will inflame those who have held back. You will inflame those who mind earthly things but the anointing that is released in unity will cause your face to shine in My presence and shine before My enemies.

I am gathering the eagles together. Those who have inhabited the solitary places are going to find themselves joined wing tip to wing tip with comrades in arms who have ascended in search of a greater intensity of My purpose. This is not a time to back off or slow down says the Father. The green, inviting slopes of inactivity will beckon you but turn your eye toward the throne and let yourself mount up and take your place in Me.

I am setting the solitary in families says the Father. I am breaking the familial spirits that have contaminated husbands and wives and mothers and fathers and children. I am destroying generational oppressions and delivering whole families and tribes from the curse of past and un-repented of sins. Listen to My voice says the Father. Pray out those past transgressions for you have authority to remit all transgressions. In the remittance of grace that you pray out over your bloodline you will unleash an unprecedented favor and blessing!