The Father Says Today: 1/26

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January 26th, 2013, 9:39 am #1

The Father says today that I have set My mark upon you. I have marked you says the Father for I have set My perfection within you. You will come behind in nothing. In your life nothing shall be lacking of My goodness, My grace and My strength. It is My good pleasure to do so because mercy rejoices over judgment.

You have looked forward through the murk of circumstances and contrary situations and wondered what would be on the morrow. Fear not says the Father for where goes My mark so the angels are attendant upon that one to protect and defend and uphold. You will be upholden says the Father and you will know that My strength is made perfect in weakness.

The coordinates of My favor are set deep within where My throne room is with you your heart. There is a cry of Holy, Holy, Holy within the chambers of Your inner man and from that chamber I rule and make an end to strife and sin. You will feel the cleansing even this day for this is that day that struggle comes to an end and My perfection within you because a constituate part of who you are in Me.