The Father Says Today: 1/24

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The Father Says Today:
Prophetic Word of the Day, Prophets Russ and kitty

The Father says today that My love will not fail in you. My love will not FAIL you and it will not fail IN you. My love hates death with a perfect hatred therefore it will war against death in your life and even in your mortal body. My love hates sin therefore it will seek out every remnant and fiber of sin in your life until it finds none. My love hates sickness and disease therefore it will eliminate every disease producing condition on the inside of you until your health is pristine and perfect.

Receive My love says the Father. It is My love that produces and manifests every provision and promise that the cross paid for. Give My love free rein in your life holding nothing back. Say YES to My love. Many have declined away from My love and have forsaken their own mercy. They have cried out "God where are you?" I am right here inside you says the Father. I am liquid love coursing through your veins this moment knocking on the door of every cell and molecule of your body. I am seeking entrance to your spirit behind the lattice of your soul. Open to Me My beloved and I will come in and commune with you until there is nothing left of sin and sorrow and brokenness.

This is the sonnet that I sang on Calvary. This is the passion that held Me when the nails could do so no longer. My love held Me fast and it was My love - My love FOR YOU that held back legions of angels surging with all their fury to take Me down from the cross and judge the world but I WAS NOT WILLING to ascend to My Father and your Father without YOU. Therefore I paid the last final measure of heaven's mercy that I might gain that bosom embrace of love's full reward when I drew you to Myself in eternal and irrevocable acceptance.