The Father Says Today: 1/21

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The Father Says Today:
Prophetic Word of the Day by Russ and Kitty

The Father says today that I am increasing your depth perception in the Spirit. You cannot walk in the Spirit until you learn to see in the Spirit and this has caused you to run into walls instead of walking through the doors I have opened. I have placed an open door before you says the Father but you have not seen it. Seeing in the spirit requires training and interpretation. You think that a demonic manifestation is a challenge but it is not - it is a surrender. The enemy never chooses to expose himself and when he does it is because he was forced to do so by My hand.

The disciples cowered in the upper room behind a locked door after the crucifixion and were stunned when I seemingly walked through a wall and appeared to them. I didn't walk through a wall says the Father I simply stepped through a door that they couldn't see. Likewise because you belong to Me it is not possible for you not to find your exit when needed if you will open your eyes and look unafraid at the door I have already opened in your behalf.

So learn to pray with your eyes open says the Father for you are no longer blind. You are a sighted person with an aptitude that comes from Me to see and to know things that are not evident in the natural. Trust in what I show you and don't be detoured or distracted by the dog and pony show they enemy tries to entertain you with. The comedy of the enemy's failure in your life is a reality says the Father because I defeated him 2000 years ago. So look for the door that I have opened for you where once all you could see was impediment and a blank wall and an obstacle. This is your time says the Father and there is nothing further to wait for.