The Father says today: 1/20

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January 20th, 2013, 8:57 am #1

The Father says today that My faithfulness is a presumptive fact in your life. Base your expectations today on an assumption that I am going to come through for you exactly as I promised. There is no vacillation or instability on My part says the Father. My presence in your life is the one constant that you will always be able to count on at all times and in all places and in every situation. I know this isn't what you've been taught says the Father but I am preempting the opinions of men and their rationalizations of what I will and won't do in your behalf.

I am pre-empting the opinions of men with My truth. My truth says the Father is not a theological concept but an experiential reality. I did NOT say in My word "believe or learn and see that I am good". What I said was "taste and see that I am good..." I am calling upon you to begin to challenge your doubts with the contemporary experiences you have already had in life where I proved Myself faithful. War with your testimony says the Father against your doubts and fears and questionings.

My faithfulness destroys fear and devastates doubt. As you stand on your testimony of My reliable intervention in your life in times past the enemy will run out of suggestions to the contrary. The enemy's arsenal is not unlimited says the Father. The enemy of your soul will run out of ideas to deter you before you run out of examples of My faithfulness to rain down and intervene and deliver you. So rejoice and be glad for your confidences in Me outnumber your doubts and I am just getting started demonstrating EVERY DAY in EVERY WAY My total and complete faithfulness in your behalf.