The Father Says Today: 1/19

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The Father Says Today:
Prophetic Word of the Day by Russ and Kitty
The Father says today be of good comfort for your warfare is ended. All of the strife and struggle and difficulty in your life I have taken upon Myself and carried it away on the cross. I paid a price says the Father for your life to be a different experience than what you have seen. I took upon Myself the pain and the sorrow and disappointment that you might be healed and heartened and find hope for a better day.

Things won't always be this way says the Father. It seems at times that disillusionment is a permanent fixture in your life but fear not for I will make an end and give you beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for mourning. I will make your face to shine and your heart to sing the song of one whose chains have been lifted for I am the Lord God your deliverer.

I made payment upon the cross to translate you out of the domain of darkness and into My kingdom. This is a NOW proposition and not just some distant hope. As you call upon Me in the midst of your trouble I will implement every provision and roll back the confusion and mark your life with My goodness and mercy and cause you to know My truth and not the bitter lessons of past experience. It's a new day says the Father therefore rejoice and give thanks for I am going to give you something sweet and wonderful even this day to give thanks for.