The Father Says Today: 1/18

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The Father Says Today:
Prophetic Word of the Day

The Father says today that I delight that you are a learner. My invitation is that you press in be willing to make mistakes and still move forward. Your teachable spirit is delightsome and gives Me great joy. When you step out into the supernatural be aware that all supernatural experiences do not originate with Me. Do you understand this? You can have a supernatural experience that isn't a godly experience. Don't allow the enemy to distract or entertain you. Supernatural experiences are the norm and not the exception so you can pass up some things because you are going to know that the voice you may hear or the image you see in your spirit is always not originating in My mind.

When you choose to be selective and limit yourself to My voice only says the Father you make the devil nervous. When you refuse the thoughts and images the enemy brings you rob him of his favorite tactics against. You know My voice says the Father. So FEAR NOT for as you ascend in Me you are going to traverse the intermediate realm where angels and demons operate.

You will also see in your city where the strongholds are and some of this will be quite distracting. Don't get distracted in the second heaven because I am inviting you to a throne experience. You are going to see angels and visions and you are going to have visions in the night. These are all attendant upon My glory. Don't let the tools I impart distract you from their ultimate purpose to be drawn to My face and My voice and My purpose in your life. I am extending you privileged access to My processes says the Father. Enjoy it and revel in the love that I am pouring out upon you.