The Father Says Today: 1/13

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The Father Says Today:

Prophetic Word of the Day by Russ and Kitty

The Father says today that insignificant interruptions are masquerading as jaw dropping problems in your life. You will not be stopped and your dreams will not be aborted. Do not allow the enemy to run a game on your says the Father for he is the prince of lies and only capable of smoke and mirror deception. Even counselors in your life have been stumped by the challenges before you and they have erred by simply comforting you in the midst of problems that they don't have solutions for.

The Father says I am coming through for you in enlargement and breakthrough and God-speed acceleration. Do not make peace with the enemy or compromise with the adversary who seeks for the precious soul and the peace that is within you. Stand up and take your promises in your hands like weapons of war to drive out the darkness and discouragement that plague you.

Know that I am visiting you this day says the Father. The visitation of My glory is being made manifest in you this day and no longer will you be a captive to sorrow. Sorrow and sighing are fleeing away and I am clothing you with the mantle of joy and the illumination of My heart toward you which is for good and for life and victory says your God.