The Father Says Today: 1/10

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The Father Says Today:

Prophets Russ and Kitty

The Father says today that My love is being rooted in the soil of your heart today. My love liberates and empowers you to have confidence in Me like never before. Walk in the greater light of My love says the Father. Know that My love is tolerant and kind. I'm not looking for opportunity to chastise you. I am not hovering over your life to show Myself heavy handed or harsh. When I lift My hand it is to bless and free and comfort not to inflict, bruise or batter you in anyway.

Let go of the past. Those things that you have asked Me to forgive you for are forgiven. When I take My attention off of your sin it ceases to exist. All creation is upheld moment by moment by My attention and scrutiny. That thing that I look away from in that instant ceases to be. I have turned My scrutiny from your sin and disobedience. You cried out to Me and I answered. I washed you and I declare you are clean. Forgive yourself for you are ignorantly holding yourself responsible for that which has no existence in the past, the present or the future.

So forgive, release allow Me to bless you says the Father. Stop disqualifying yourself from My grace. I declare over you that there is no disqualification in you that restrains My hand. I am transforming you. I am correcting and I am directing you till you come to the full expression of My character and image. I am not waiting on your sinless perfection before I answer prayer. I sent My son to die BEFORE the first person gave their life or asked Me to come into their heart. If I didn't hold back heaven's dearest gift why would I possibly hold back on any of these lesser things that you ask Me for?