Taming The Sweet Tooth!

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April 10th, 2007, 5:14 am #1

If you don't care for sweets, you can quit reading this right now. As long as you eat healthfully the majority of the time, a small splurge can help you stick to your diet because you don’t feel deprived. The trick: Choose one that satisfies without loads of fat and calories, like fat-free pudding for 100 calories, or a Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich for 140 calories. Replace candy with dried fruit. Dig in to dried fruit - it’s often lower in fat and more nutritious than candy but just as satisfyingly sweet. And thanks to its chewy consistency, dried fruit lasts longer. Watch your portions, though. Because dried fruit is concentrated, the calories can quickly add up. Opt for a half cup of no-sugar-added dried apples for 73 calories, dried apricots for 106 calories, or dried plums (prunes) for 133 calories. The best substitute of all is keeping fresh fruit on hand. If you get away from processed sugar, you will be amazed at how sweet fruit really is. When you have a chocolate got-to-have-mood, try a cup of diet hot chocolate for 50 calories. It will do the trick. Don't forget, your ultimate goal is to be weaned from the sugar habit by eventually choosing nutritious foods. Tell us what you do to tame the sweet tooth.

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