Stupid Computer!

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January 16th, 2008, 4:54 pm #1

I repeated this question here cause I am desperate, I have so litte time to work on this computer and I can't get stuff done because of my issues here! :wacko:

I need a computer whiz here. Since changing to wireless when I access a page I cannot click on any links to open it anymore. I see it and hear a click but nothing happens. I wasted all night looking for Juniors homeschool links one by one typing them in the search engine, but then when I get the page I can't open the underlined link to get to the content. I can't access grace today links from my e-mail nor my webpages along with tons of other links I need to click on and I'm getting so behind. My neighbors not home and wouldn't you know today I finally had time to work online and I can't do it!

Anybody know if there is a way I can access these links. After spending hours on this computer I'm ready to throw it out the window. Stay calm Faithy!

Thanks so much!