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January 26th, 2008, 7:58 am #1

If you're overwhelmed with how much weight you have to lose, you are not alone. I get requests from people with 10 pounds to lose as well as over 200 pounds and each are overwhelmed at the aspect.

Identify your fears, set a goal and stick to it. Many times if we divide the weight loss needed into segments they sound more reasonable and doable. Some of us become overwhelmed at long term goals.

Some of us prosper when looking at short term goals. Whatever the amount you need to lose, if you divide it from a year's projected mark, to a 6 months goal, or a 3 month goal or even a weekly/monthly goal, you will discover that it looks so much better that way, that you can indeed tackle it and overcome! Here is the secret to avoid being overwhelmed. One step at a time. Write out a plan right now!

Prayer: Gracious God, at times I am anxious at the prospect of ever losing this weight. I get frustrated, lose my patience and revert to poorer habits. I ask You to strengthen me and encourage me for the long haul. I do know that through Christ I can do all things. Amen