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May 23rd, 2008, 8:19 am #1

One valuable lesson for those that are dieting or have an eating disorder is to eliminate temptation. Remove the temptation from your household if at all possible. Drive a different route home from work if you have to pass a fast food or donut shop. Avoid certain impulse items at the grocery store. You get the picture. If we know that we will yield, then we must turn offensive. We must take control. The course, The Lord's Table calls this "amputation". Eliminate triggers until you have better control. This is called recovery.

Prayer: Father God, I admit I do not handle food temptations well. I recall the Lord's prayer where we ask to be kept from temptation. Help me to plan my day---temptation free---until I can firmly say no to stimuli like food items that weaken my resolve. Amen