Food For Your Brain #11

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February 14th, 2008, 10:08 am #1

One of the hardest aspects of dieting, is retaining the motivation and enthusiasm you need to achieve your weight loss goals. This is where support and friendly challenges can come from others. If you can buddy up with others on a message board, ezine list, local or church sponsored diet club, or even a helpful spouse or other family member, your odds are three times higher of losing weight. Weighing in weekly keeps you accountable and if you are losing enthused also. Having a partner on your unique journey is a desirable factor in enthusiasm and motivation.

Prayer: Lord God, You never intended man to be alone. We realize it also when we take our diets seriously. Send to each of us a special partner to lift us should be stumble. We ask this in man's best Friend, our Savior Christ Jesus. Amen